Friday, August 3, 2012

Personal Album | A Family Visit

I love spending time with family and was stoked when Aaron's, my hubby, sister and her gorgeous family came to visit us from Kentucky! We headed to Savannah for the day. I had my camera handy and snapped away. Here are some snaps of my nieces & nephew.
Here they are waiting for yummy pizza @ Vinnie Van Go-Gos!



 Here's the yummy pizza!

After lunch we decided to walk. We asked the men to be the leaders.
Here they are trying to get directions on their fancy phones.

While the guys were trying to get directions I decided to snap a few more pictures while we waited.

 Here's the newest member of the family. She is such a doll! Love her & her brother & sister!

 I'm seriously envious of my sister-in-law's hair! :o)


  1. That looks like such a fun visit : ) Did they find fabulous destinations for you to visit via their fancy schmancy phones? Kids are so cute it is not even funny!

  2. it was fun! We gave up on the men and the women took charge. :o)

  3. Nothing like a little down time! So fun. :-)

  4. It's always fun catching up with family. Looks like a gorgeous day to go out together and enjoy pizza and a walk:)

  5. LOVE how simple these are...yet so powerful. Really lovely!

  6. great shots! and now I'd like a slice of pizza :)

  7. Love the documentary style! What a great way to kill time. Love the guys looking at their phones--priceless.

  8. Awesome pics! Love all the ones of the kiddies!

  9. °º♡
    º° ♫♡彡° ·..
    Maravilhosas fotos de família de um dia agradável.

    Bom fim de semana!

  10. Your pictures are so lovely! You really capture the life of your kids in all of these pictures! Adorable really, you are incredibly talented!

  11. beautiful photos of the kids, Tamara! and really yummy looking pizza :-)