Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Photography

Maternity photography:

As mentioned before, the best time for your photo shoot is somewhere around 34-36 weeks. Your belly will be nice and full and we don't want to wait until the very last week! Early morning or late afternoon are good times, but we do want Daddy to be there if possible, so plan around his schedule as well. You might want to make a day of it, and get your hair and nails done for the occasion. Not only will you feel like a pampered queen, but you will have that extra bit of confidence that will definitely show in your maternity photographs! When you are so far along, any bit of pampering is welcome anyway (you might want to throw in a maternity-friendly massage while your busy). Once baby arrives and sleep-deprivation makes you feel more like a 5 cent coin than a million bucks, you will be grateful you had that last pick-me-up and the gorgeous pictures to proof it!

Newborn photography:

Newborn photography is done within the first 2 weeks after birth. It is alwasy my personal preference to do newborn shoot at the client's home in natural light, where Mom and baby is more comfortable and there is less disturbance.
If you are expecting and already know that you want to have newborn pictures taken, then feel free to contact me during your last month before baby is due. We can make all the arrangements and I will be on stand-by so to speak. Newborn photography always get priority, as the window of opportunity is smaller than with older baby photography. I can travel to the hospital if you want pictures of brand-new arrival, or you can phone me when you go home with your new bundle of joy and we can schedule a photo shoot within the first 2 weeks. If we have made all the practical arrangements before hand, the new sleep-deprived Mommy has less to worry about!

Every baby is different and Mommy will know best what time of day is best. The ideal time of day is when baby is sleepy, mid-mornings are generally a good time. The lighting is soft and gentle in the morning and most newborn babies have a good sleep somewhere mid-morning. If baby has his or her best sleep during the afternoon, then we schedule for later in the day.

Another factor is feeding times. By no means do I expect your newborn to have 2 hour schedule that runs like clockwork but we can always hope for the best. If you want some pictures of you breastfeeding, we can schedule photo shoot for about half an hour before baby's feeding time. We will hit the triple whammy where we can take gorgeous intimate pictures of tender moments between Mom and child, baby will be winded, which gives opportunity for family photographs (especially if Dad can join in) and Junior will be nice and sleepy and most willing to cuddle up and look cute for the photographer.

Baby photography:

If baby is between 1 and 3 months, much the same as above applies. Schedule photo shoot around sleeping and eating time, even bath time can be included! You can also remove clothing a bit beforehand and then we can dress baby in that cute favourite outfit after the first nappy-only pictures have been taken. Remember to also keep Daddy's schedule in mind, as we would love for him to be included!.

I also take appointments over weekends, so there are plenty of opportunity to plan the best photo shoot that suits your unique family.

Toddler photography:

The time of day is not critically important with the toddlers. As long as your toddler is well-fed and rested we are more likely to get good pictures. Bring along some drinks, snacks and one or two favourite toys.
Also, try to wake your toddler up from his or her nap about 20 minutes before photo shoot, so the puffiness around the eyes can be gone along with any grogginess.

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